Kevin has been an avid supporter of the Harmony Protocol and he believes in the decentralisation of the world's financial sector. Harmony's main attractions that drew him into the ecosystem, were cheap gas fees and lightning fast transactions.

A Defi Kingdoms "True Hero", Kevin has enjoyed his time in that community, and really enjoyed watching the platform grow and sharing his love of the game with anyone who would listen.

Kevin grew up on their family farm in Western Australia and after his parents retired, he took the reigns and has managed the 12,000 acre property for the past 10 years. After years of frost, drought and floods, he decided to invest in cryptocurrency as a bit of fun. That fun grew into a passion and he continues to on-board friends and family into crypto.



MasterRoshi is a extremely strong believer in blockchain technology and the security that it provides. He believes the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies will continue to change the fabric of our reality through the gamefi sector.

As an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful businesses he is well versed in strategic planning, working with teams, communities, and other stakeholders.

As an avid gamer of 20+ years Roshi has intimate knowledge of the gaming sector, competing at a professional level and also founding mutiple gaming clans and guilds. He sees a gaming DAO as the next great adventure where anyone can participate as a play-and-earn gamer.

Wizzard Blizzard


Founder of Cosmic Universe, Wizzard Blizzard has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. He was part of the original Ethereum DAO, and went on to later become a part of Aragon, a blockchain project specializing in helping other projects create their own DAOs. Wizzard is also a branch chair of another blockchain project that has developed its own blockchain and is developing a decentralized internet.

Apart from his experience in the cryptocurrency arena, Wizzard also has experience forming and leading gaming communities and clans since 2003, and continues this until today with the creation of Cosmic Universe on Harmony, which was founded in June 2021. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Finance. Wizzard has also been a life coach, DJ, and music producer for the past 15 years.


Community Manager

Jerry Vegas has a background in the agriculture industry with extensive experience in leadership positions with both state and National bodies. Earning his discord stripes on the mean streets of DFks hero advice developing a strong enjoyment of onboarding new players and the connections that can bring.



Co-Founder at 3pac has a professional background in music production and has worked with a number of high profile artist such as Snoop Dogg, Damian Marley, Sublime, and others. 3pac was drawn to the opportunities that crypto and fintech offer and has been active in the crypto community helping to launch various web3 focused projects.


Creative & Marketing

Pixetica has a background in business management, marketing and creative design. Joining Harmony as an NFT artist he has spent most of his time supporting Harmony Defi protocols and community members including validators with free digital content.



Co-founder at and an all around full stack developer/devops engineer. Potato has recently pivoted into the world of Web3 and has been active in various crypto communities since 2013.